Screen-Safe® Pedestrian Crossover Deterrent

Transpo Screen-Safe® provides a safe and highly visible barrier over highway concrete barriers.  Screen-Safe helps to discourage people from attempting to cross highways at non designated areas and deters them from trying to climb over the concrete barriers in the center of highways.  

Many states across the US are experiencing an increase in pedestrians crossing highways on foot and being struck by vehicles. In an effort to discourage these dangerous and sometimes fatal crossings, more and more DOTs are implementing ways to discourage these crossings, while maintaining a safe driving environment for vehicles.  

Screen-Safe has been crash tested in accordance with MASH requirements for test levels 3 & 4. The test results were minimal damage to the Screen-Safe, zero passenger compartment intrusion and no debris scatter into the opposing traffic lanes. Repairs to the test installation was completed in less than one hour and returned to full service.

The key to Screen-Safe performance comes from its unique double-reversed corrugated (DRC) fabric, formed from hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel, and can be installed up to forty-eight inches. The DRC fabric is powder-coated to provide additional protection from salt and snow. 

All hardware components are structural grade.