MASH Barricades

Rental and Sales Available

Transpo offers water filled barricades that are safe alternatives for construction zone safety. Available for rental or purchase, water filled barricades are lightweight, easy to transport, and can quickly be set up to prevent access to perimeter areas. Both versatile and durable, water filled barricades are ideal for both short and long term uses. Water barricades work for a variety of different construction zone needs including crowd control, road blocks, traffic diversions and more.

States: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
Call: 800-321-7870 x647

MASH Channelizing Devices

MASH Yodock<sup>®</sup> 2001 MB
MASH Yodock<sup>®</sup> 2001M
MASH Yodock<sup>®</sup> 2001

Channelizing Devices

Yodock<sup>®</sup> Corner Connector
Yodock<sup>®</sup> 2001SL Slimline Channelizer

Airport Barricades

Aerocade<sup>®</sup> Airport Barricade

Emergency Response

Yodock<sup>®</sup> Emergency Response Trailer