Airfield Safety & Maintenance

Transpo Industries, Inc. manufactures a variety of innovative products and materials designed to improve airfield safety. From polymer concrete used to rehabilitate runways, to frangible supports for airfield objects that break away quickly and cleanly upon impact, to airfield markings that are as durable as they are colorful, Transpo’s Airfield Safety Products and Materials will make any airfield safer.

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Blast-Safe<sup>®</sup> Jet-Blast Deflector and Perimeter Security Fencing
Pole-Safe<sup>®</sup> Frangible Fuse Bolts
T-17 Fast Setting MMA Polymer High-Strength Concrete Patching Material
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Durable Airfield Markings
Transpo<sup>®</sup> T-70 Crack Sealer
T-78 Methyl Methacrylate Concrete Crack Sealer