T-17 Methyl Methacrylate Polymer Concrete

T-17 Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Polymer Concrete Patching Material is designed for use on new construction and rehabilitation of bridge decks, expansion joints, bearing pads, and other concrete structures and is a 100% reactive, pre-packaged, two component solvent-free material system.

Testing has shown T-17 Polymer Concrete can be considered an alternative to UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)

Features and Advantages

  • Wide Application Temperature Range (14-100 degrees F)
  • Fast Setting (45 min. at 70 degrees F)
  • High Early Strength
  • Strong Chemical Bond (no cold joints)
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UV Light Resistant
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • Waterproof

Easy to Use, No Special Tools or Trades Needed Patch Material

Transpo T-17 can be used as a neat mortar for grouting or thin applications (1/2” deep maximum).  It also can be filled with special coarse aggregate and used for installations of 12 inches or more in a single pour. This system is to be used on horizontal concrete surfaces, on grade, above and below grade. The rapid curing time assures a quick return to service. T-17 is easy to handle in all working conditions and requires no special tools or equipment.


Application of T-17 requires minimal labor and standard portable concrete mixing equipment. A thin coat of T-41s methyl methacrylate primer should be used to seal the existing concrete surface and increase the bond strength of the T-17 to the Portland cement concrete (PCC) subtrate. Because of its high strength, chemical resistance, and rapid cure, T-17 can be used for repairs and rehabilitation of numerous concrete structures including:
  • Concrete Bridge Repair
  • Concrete Spall Repair
  • Precast Bridge Deck Closure Pours
  • Structural Grouting
  • Partial or Full Depth Concrete Patch
  • Expansion Joint Headers
  • Structural Bearing Pads
  • Load Transfer Devices
  • Airport Runways
  • Parking Deck Repair