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1960’s | Transpo’s Beginnings

Founded in 1968 by Arthur M. Dinitz, Transpo Industries, Inc. has been a leader in transportation safety by bringing innovative products to the market throughout its history. The company started by selling water-filled bumpers to New York City taxis, buses and EMT vehicles. It was aptly named Hydro Cell, Ltd. for the water filled units that protected vehicles and passengers upon impact.

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Hydro-Cell Units

Art Dinitz demonstrates the safety of the Hydro-Cell Units by putting his leg between two vehicles travelling at 8 mph and impacting at a NYC taxi company. Life Magazine was there to cover it. 

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Crash Cushions Move to Roadways

Soon realizing that the crash cushions should go on the roadway instead of directly on the vehicle, Transpo was there with the first Hydrocell Crash cushion roadside unit installed.