Pavement Marking

Transpo’s Color-Safe® MMA pavement markings is the preferred choice of transportation and safety officials for a variety of special-use lane marking applications. Vibrant, durable and cost-effective, Color-Safe® creates bright, long-lasting road pavement markings, bringing greater safety to cities and communities.

Color-Safe® MMA is a far superior solution to traditional thermoplastic road marking solutions, which often result in a very limited useful lifecycle and a compromise in material safety. Color-Safe® traditionally sees a 5-7 year or longer life cycle and can be applied in cold weather, thus extending the marking season, and reducing costs. 

Color-Safe® is being used in cities, highways, industrial airfields, and many other sectors all around the world for the many benefits it offers.

Color-Safe® Durable Airfield Markings
Color-Safe® Bike Lanes
Color-Safe® Crosswalks
Color-Safe® Industrial Safety Marking
Color-Safe® Guide Markings
Color-Safe® Pavement Marking for Dynamic Envelope
Color-Safe® Unique Applications
Color-Safe® Bus Lanes

Color-Safe® Standard & Custom Colors

Markings must remain vibrant to be a safety feature!

Transpo supports the UNited nations “Decade of Action for Road Safety” and the FHWA/National strategy on road safety “Toward Zero Deaths”

 Decade of ActionToward Zero Deaths